News from Isrentco

A change of guard took place at the beginning of December when Telfed’s long-standing building maintenance contractor Russell Abel resigned for personal reasons and was replaced by Shay Haker.

Russell worked for nearly nine years looking after the 104 Isrentco apartments, ensuring their excellent upkeep and making the transitions from one tenant to another as smooth as possible.

His line was open 24 hours a day and he often went far beyond the call of duty to help the tenants and ensure budgets were cost-effectively managed.

Chairman of Isrentco, Telfed’s housing subsidiary, Allan Feinblum wrote to Russell saying: “I have enjoyed working with you and the contribution you have made to Telfed and all the tenants and suppliers of services over the years has been invaluable.”

Russell also received letters of thanks from tenants who expressed their appreciation for his service.

He responded to Allan expressing his appreciation to him and the board for their unequivocal support over the years.

Telfed wishes Russell all the best for the future with good health and success in his new ventures.