Last week, Telfed volunteer and Directorate member Allan Feinblum approached Telfed with a request from Advocate Shmuel Brettler. Shmuel had been in touch with hospitals in the South, treating wounded soldiers, and understood the urgent need for a change of clothing for wounded soldiers as they arrive from the battlefield.

Shmuel received a “wish list” from the hospital, and within 2 days, 100 care packages were delivered to the soldiers. The list included warm, comfortable long sleeve tops, pants, underwear and flip flops.

In only a few hours, a team of volunteers arrived at the Telfed office to pack the gifts by size, to make for efficient distribution.

Allan delivered the packages to Soroka hospital (Beer Sheva) together with Shmuel, and shared his experiences:

It was my honour and privilege to represent Telfed in a project to procure sleepwear for soldiers being admitted to hospital with only the clothes on their backs.

Thanks to Nava (Telfed COO), assisted by staff and volunteers, we were able to procure and gift pack 100 sets in 2 days.

Together with Shmuel, I delivered them to Soroka hospital and was escorted by army personnel stationed at the hospital where I met numerous injured soldiers.

We were first taken to the lost property section belonging to the victims of the Nova Music Festival and other victims of the October 7 massacre. Feelings are inexplicable.

We then headed to the wards.

The first soldiers we saw were lying on their beds in their army uniforms and boots – you can only imagine their relief at receiving our gifts so they could at least change into something clean and comfortable. They were beyond appreciative of the packages which we handed to them. 

Every soldier has a story to tell. It was an honour to sit with each one and hear first hand experiences from these brave men. One badly injured soldier sustained his injuries from a white flag bearing hamasnik who detonated his suicide vest next to the soldier.

Suffice it to say that I am extremely proud of the work we do and the support we receive from the community.