Privacy Policy

  1. During the use of the Website, the Website Operator may retain information pertaining to the pages you visited; the services and information in which you were interested; the period of time you visited the Website; the actions performed on or through the Website, and more.  The Website Operator may save the Data in its databases. The use of this Data, as well as Data provided by you during the registration process to the various services at the Website, shall be made solely pursuant to the Terms of Use and/or in accordance with applicable law, for the purposes, among others, of improving and enriching the services and content offered on the Website, including by creating new services and content to match the User’s requirements and expectations, and to amend or cancel existing services and content.

  2. The aforesaid information which shall be used by the Website Operator will be statistical non-identifiable information. The Website Operator may transfer the statistical information to third parties, provided this information does not enable your identification.

  3. The Website offers its Users the opportunity to donate and/or make payments to the Telfed Fund (registered non-profit organization), c.n. 580017614 and/or the South African Zionist Federation (Israel), c.n. 510190333. In the framework of the donation and/or payment process, the User is requested to provide his full name and contact details, which will be documented and saved by the Website Operator, all in accordance with the law. The Website Operator may use the aforementioned contact details to contact the User for the purpose of additional offers to receive donations and/or payments, provided that the User did not otherwise notify the Website Operator, via [email protected].

  4. Cancellation of Donation: a donor may notify the Website Operator, via [email protected], of any changes in credit details and cancellation of a future donation, not yet transferred (such as a future standing order). To the extent feasible, we will perform the required change in accordance with the then-current credit card company’s policy. If the credit card company will charge us for a cancellation fee, we will charge the person who cancelled.

  5. A donor of up to NIS20,000, is entitled to remain anonymous, and we are obliged to keep in confidence the donor’s details and not to disclose to third parties (except for the credit card company or the clearing system), unless the donor has requested, in writing in advance, to reveal his identity or if a regulatory authority will instruct us to reveal the donor’s identity.

  6. The User may neither create a separate database based on the Website Operator’s database, nor copy, distribute nor publish the database, in whole or in part, without the Website Operator’s prior written consent. The database may not be used in a manner which may adversely affect or disrupt the database.

  7. Making a donation or performing a payment through this Website is considered consent to receive online documentation via electronic mail, including a receipt and a tax invoice.

  8. We undertake not to transfer credit card details to a third party unless on the instruction of the court.