Dorron Kline (Telfed CEO), Ginette Searle (ZFA CEO), Stacy Hayman (P2G), Gili Gafen (ZFA CFO) and Moriah Ben David (ZFA Israel)

For the last five years, Telfed has been entrusted with the Klita (absorption) of Australian Olim, on behalf of the ZFA. Telfed CEO Dorron Kline met with our partners from the Zionist Federation of Australian (ZFA) in Jerusalem.

Dorron gave a comprehensive report of the Klita services provided to Australian new Olim, which include:

* pre -Aliyah advice from the Telfed Klita advisor and regional volunteers *meeting the new Olim at the airport

* greeting the new Olim at their first address in Israel by regional volunteers *regular contact by the Klita advisor and regional volunteers, in order to ensure a smooth absorption *scholarships for Australian Olim students at universities in Israel *events

* social work advice

* employment advice

* housing

The ZFA staff expressed their profound satisfaction with the Klita services that the Australian Olim receive and look forward to an even greater level of cooperation in 2020, under the auspices of the new ZFA local representative, Moriah Ben David.

Moriah, a past JAFI Shlicha to Australia, replaced the long-serving Yigal Sela, who recently retired.

A new aspect to this year’s meeting, was the connection to the Partnership Together (P2G) office of the Jewish Agency (JAFI).

The Australian Jewish community  is partnered with the Arava Regional Council.

Telfed has a regional volunteer in the Arava and we look forward to a new avenue of cooperation in further developing our activities in this area.