Join in our virtual summer keytana!

Sunday 9 August

Yoga class (Shoshi), 08:30-09:15:


Monday 10 August

How to make a mini city out of paper rolls (Tal), 08:30-09:15:

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (Tal), 10:00-10:45:

How to make a pinwheel (Tal), 12:00-12:45:


Tuesday 11 August

Pancake making (Gavi), 08:30-09:15:

Fun exercises (Shoshi), 10:00-10:45:

How to make Origami (Shoshi), 12:00-12:45:


Wednesday 12 August

Just dance Zumba (Gavi), 08:30-09:15:

Science Trickz (Shoshi), 10:00-10:45:

Caterpillar Craft (Shoshi), 12:00-12:45:


Thursday 13 August

Challah Making (Gavi), 08:30-09:15:

Challah Making (continued), 10:00-10:45:

How to make delicious banana bread (Tal), 12:00-12:45: