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The Website’s use is subject to the below terms.

The use of the Website and/or the database, including grant of a donation, shall be deemed an unconditional consent to the terms and conditions included in these “Terms of Use”. Accordingly, please take the time to thoroughly read these terms prior to any use of this Website.  

Users who are minors – these Terms of Use will also apply to minors in accordance with their liability under law for any damage caused due to a breach of these terms.

The South African Zionist Federation (Israel) reserves its right to update these Terms of Use, from time to time, at its sole discretion and without providing any prior notice. Any such change shall apply upon its publication. The most up-to-date version of these Terms of Use shall be available upon any visit to the Website.

The Website is managed and operated by the South African Zionist Federation (Israel), of 19 Schwarz St., Ra’anana, Israel (the “Website Operator”). In each place where reference is made to the absence of liability of the South African Zionist Federation (Israel) limitation of liability, the intention is also apply the absence of liability of its employees, managers, owners and the persons who operate on its behalf or in its name.

These Terms of Use are worded in the masculine gender for convenience purposes, but refer to both genders. 

A. General

  1. The information on the Website is made available to you freely and free of charge, and nothing in the review or use hereof shall be deemed a contract or an undertaking between the User and the Website Operator and/or anyone of its behalf and/or any person anyway related, directly or indirectly, to the Website and/or to the information therein.

  2. Some of the content, photos, texts, etc. (the “Data” or the “Content”) available on the Website, have been provided and/or made available by the general public and the various Users, and thus may be presented in a non-unified editing format and the Website Operator does not warrant with respect to its suitability for a certain purpose or use, and will not be responsible for its accuracy or correctness.

  3. The Website’s Users are obliged to act in accordance with all applicable laws, including without limitation the Prohibition of Defamation Law, the Protection of Privacy Law, the Copyrights Law, in good faith, and with personal responsibility not to breach the law. Website content which are constitute infringement of copyright, defamation, slander or breach of any other law, including disclosure of  information protected by copyright, private documents protected by the Protection of Privacy Law, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, etc., may not be uploaded to the Website.

  4. Due to the fact that substantial part of the Data and Content available on the Website are provided by Users, the Website’s Operator shall not be responsible for any intellectual property infringement, including without limitation, copyright infringement, defamation, slander, invasion of privacy or breach of any other law, including disclosure of private documents, patents and trade secrets and such Users will be solely responsible for such acts.

  5. Use of Content not in contravention of these Terms of Use may be considered a breach of copyright and/or any other third-party right.

  6. The possibility afforded to Users to copy Data, including text, photo and/or any other data, from the Website, is limited only to such details and information with respect to which an express authorization was given and in accordance with the specific terms of use. This possibility, if granted, is for personal use only, and not for marketing, advertising or commercial use.

  7. With respect to any use of the Data, you are required to give clear and prominent credit to the creator (insofar as indicated), the Data owners and the Website’s Operator. Wherever possible, you should add a link to the Website.

  8. The Website is available for the general public’s use. Some of the services require registration. These services may only by utilized following completion of a registration process, and subject to the receipt of your consent to these Terms of Use. You cannot assign or transfer your account to any third party with or without consideration.

  9. The Website’s clearing company meets the PCI standard.

B. Copyrights and Intellectual Property

  1. All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Website, the services offered and the Data included therein, are owned by the Website Operator or by third party licensors which allow the Website Operator to use it in the framework of the Website.

  2. Any quote of Website’s Content should indicate the quote(s) source. It is prohibited to use the material by way of falsification, disruption or other modification, or any other harmful act, which may cause damage to the name or goodwill of the copyrights’ owner. You may not copy, distribute, transmit or publish the information in or at any place, format or time, and through any type of media (radio, television, press, etc.), including digital means, without the prior written consent of the owners of the rights to the Data. Any commercial use of the Website, the database or the Data included therein, is prohibited.

  3. You shall refrain from removing, erasing or disrupting any intellectual property rights’ notification or mark, e.g. copyrights mark © or trademark ®, attached to the Content which is used.

  4. The Website Operator exerts all efforts to prevent infringement of rights, and in case of an infringement, will exert immediate efforts to remove the infringing information, promptly following receipt of the data owners’ notice in this respect.

C. Links

  1. The Website contains links or referrals to other websites, which are not owned by the Website Operator, are solely intended for the Users, and enable locating content over the internet. The content in these websites is not published by the Website Operator, and it is not responsible therefor, is not in control thereof nor supervises it. The fact that the Website links these contents does not imply that the Website Operator agrees with such contents and does not guarantee their reliability or that they are up-to-date, legal, or that they comply with such contents’ owners’ conduct in the field of privacy, or with any other aspect related to their operation. The Website Operator exerts its best efforts to link only appropriate sites; however you may find that these contents do not fit your needs; or that you object to their content; or that you find these contents outrageous, annoying, inappropriate, illegal or immoral.  The Website Operator is not responsible for the content in these links and is not liable for any damage that may be suffered from their use or from relying thereupon.

  2. The foregoing provisions shall apply to the use of these links, and nothing in these provisions shall derogate from any other provision under these Terms of Use. Regarding the links to external sites, unless otherwise specifically indicated in this Website, there are no legal or commercial relations between the Website Operator and the owners of the other sites, and the Website Operator has no control of, or right in, the materials in these sites, and is not responsible for the materials’ content in these sites.

  3. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Website Operator is not liable for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the Users due to the use of or reliance on the information and content in the sites to which the Users will be directed through the use of the Website or through a link located in the Website.

  4. The Website Operator does not guarantee that the links will be undamaged or that it will direct you to an active website. The Website Operator retains the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any link or to avoid adding new links.

D. Limitation of Liability

  1. The service is provided “AS IS”, and the Website Operator is not responsible for the service and/or for the suitability of the service to the Users’ needs, their characters, capabilities or use limitations.

  2. In addition, there may be errors or discrepancies etc.; the Website Operator is not liable for any damage caused due to reliance on the Data.

  3. The User is solely responsible for any use of the Website and the Website Operator’s databases.

  4. The Website Operator uses advanced security measures to safeguard the Data. However, it cannot undertake that the services and the information on the Website and on the servers will be completely protected from entries or from attempts to penetrate computers, and the Website Operator is not liable for any damage caused to any data, documents, database and/or any other information provided and/or made available to it and which exists on the databases, including without limitation for any loss of Data and information thereof. 

  5. The Website Operator does not guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted and/or protected from any illegal access, damages, deficiencies, malfunctions, and bugs in hardware, software and in the communication lines of the Website Operator or any of its suppliers.

  6.  The Website Operator will not be liable for any damage caused to a User or any third party, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the service, including damages caused due to use of SW applications directly downloaded through the service, or activated as a result of the use of the service, and the Users will be solely responsible for the manner in which they use the service.

  7. The Website Operator will not be responsible for any third parties’ publications on the Website, including any publications or information or content in any search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc., and will not be responsible for removal of content published in these sites (such as search engine index).

E. Website’s Modifications and Termination of Service

  1. The Website Operator reserves its right to make Website’s modifications, including in the Website’s structure, the services offered, their content, scope and availability, links and any other change, at it may deem appropriate at its sole discretion, and without the need to post any prior notice.

  2. The Users shall not have any claim and/or demand against the Website Operator in relation to any such changes or due to any problems encountered while performing such changes. 

  3. The Website Operator is entitled to close down the Website and to cease rendering the services therein, at any time. 

  4. We wish you an efficient use of our offered services. We will be happy to receive your feedback.

F. Indemnification

  1. You hereby undertake to indemnify the Website Operator, its employees, managers or anyone of its behalf, from any damage, loss, loss of profits, cost or expense incurred or suffered by any of them, including court costs and attorneys’ fees, due to a breach of these Terms of Use.

  2. In addition, you will indemnify the Website Operator, its employees, managers or anyone of its behalf, from any claim, action and/or demand brought against them by a third party in relation to Data or Content provided/uploaded by you.

G. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  1. The Use of this Website and database shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel. The competent courts of Tel-Aviv shall have sole jurisdiction in any matters arising from these Terms of Use or the use of the Website and databases.

  2. You may use the form “contact us” for any question pertaining to the use of the Website.