Update from the Council of Olim Associations

On Sunday 12 September 2021, The Directorate of the “Council of Olim Associations” met in Jerusalem with Mr Ya’akov Ha’Goel, the Chairman of the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) and the current care-taker Chairman of the Jewish Agency (JAFI). The “Council of Olim Associations” is an umbrella organisation representing over twenty Olim Associations in Israel. Telfed was a founding member of the Council and is a permanent member of its Board. The meeting focused on increased cooperation between the Council, the WZO and JAFI, especially in light of increased Aliyah numbers from many countries worldwide, including South Africa. The Council requested assistance from the Jewish Agency to lessen the bureaucratic processes that new Olim encounter, especially during the COVID period. A well-known hurdle is the unreasonably long waiting time for appointments with the Ministry of Interior. Mr Ha’Goel responded positively to the request for closer cooperation between the parties.

Pictured L-R: Mario Lev (Chairman of the “Council of Olim Associations” and of “Ole” – the Oleh Association for Latin America), Ya’akov Ha’Goel (Chairman of the WZO and JAFI), Dorron Kline (Vice-Chairman of the “Council of Olim Associations” and CEO of Telfed), Sam Kadouch (Board member of the “Council of Olim Associations” and Director of CNEF – the French Student Olim Association), and Debbie Nachmod (Administrator of the “Council of Olim Associations.”)