There are a number of reasons to receive recognition of your academic qualifications. 

  1. Academia: Universities in Israel enjoy full academic freedom in their decision regarding foreign degrees. You will need to submit your degree to the university of your choice for evaluation.


  2. Employment: If you wish to practice a profession that requires licensing, or seek employment in a position that requires an academic education, you will need to submit your diplomas to the relevant ministry and, in some cases, pass tests and examinations. Professions are divided into groups, for each of which a different ministry is responsible.


  3. Salary: In the public sector, the evaluation of academic degrees from overseas, in comparison to similar academic degrees granted in Israel, is performed as a part of the procedure for salary grading (according to government guidelines).


The Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees falls under the Ministry of Education. In order to begin this process, you will be required to translate all documents into Hebrew or English. Copies must be certified as true copies by a licensed notary in Israel. The original notary certificate (with the red ribbon) must be submitted, along with an additional copy (i.e. two copies in total). Visit their website for detailed requirements of the relevant documents and certificates.

Licensing requirements by profession: