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Telfed:  A vision for the future

Telfed is the premier oleh organization which enables ex-Southern Africans to contribute to Israeli society.

Our mission is to promote the quality of life of Southern Africans in Israel and to support their participation in and contribution to Israeli Society.

Telfed is On the Move
At Telfed, we are proud of our heritage, and excited about our future. With the help of consultants Naomi Stuchiner and Israel Sykes - we have been engaged in a process of organizational renewal which we have called “Telfed 
on the Move”. Our board, staff, committees and regions all took a look at where we have been – and charted a new course, reflected on our new vision and mission statements, with an emphasis on engaging Southern Africans in Israel to contribute to their communities and to Israeli society. We have renewed our financial systems and revamped our fundraising strategies to meet the current challenges, and have upgraded the work of our volunteers by adding a new volunteer department. Indeed it is an exciting time to be a part of this fine organization.

  • Aliyah & Klitah – We will of course, continue to encourage Aliyah and assist olim to achieve a successful Klitah.
  • Community Service – We will continue to provide study bursaries, employment counseling, financial support and social welfare services.
  • We will encourage social entrepreneurship and volunteerism. Southern Africans bring with them a heritage of community involvement and Keren Telfed is investing major resources in encouraging, guiding and assisting social programmes that harness these energies for the benefit of our expats - and indeed all Israelis.

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