Welcome home

For over seven decades, Telfed has been supporting the community of Southern Africans to build a home in Israel. As the needs of our community have changed over the years, Telfed has evolved to meet these dynamic demands. We are guided by the belief that Israel can be strengthened through the contributions of each member of our 25 000 strong community.

We have the privilege of bearing witness to the remarkable contributions of our fellow Olim to the State of Israel in all sectors.

Our services have progressed from postal delivery in 1948 to an array of services essential to today’s Olim. 

Our primary focus is on absorption (Klita), which encompasses employment, scholarships, community-building, housing, support for lone soldiers, opportunities to volunteer and more.

Over the years, our expertise in the field of Klita has resulted in cooperation with other communities: we supported Aliyah from Yemen (1950s), Russia (late-1980s), Iran (2007-2012) and the Netherlands (2014-2018). Since 2014, Telfed has been working in partnership with the Zionist Federation of Australia, offering absorption services to new Olim from Australia and New Zealand.

Our relationship with our community continues indefinitely with ongoing access to free employment counselling, free counselling from our inhouse social worker, scholarships, invitations to community events and opportunities to give back to Israeli society through volunteering.

We are uniquely positioned to integrate the pride of our heritage with our dreams for the future, spurred by Zionism and our commitment to the State of Israel.