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Olim - Single and Families

Aliyah and Klitah - useful information.

Are you a new or veteran Oleh?
Are you thinking of Aliyah?

At Telfed, we’ve compiled links to relevant information,  ranging from advice for before your Aliyah, referrals to handy information after your Aliyah, to  the services we can offer to help you.

For information regarding HOUSING, click here.

Are you a RETIREE? Read more here.
Would you like to HELP your community, give forward? Volunteer at Telfed. See here for details.

Gvahim is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Highly Skilled Olim in integrating professionally in the Israeli job market. We offer the Career Acceleration Program for Olim to learn about the Israeli job market and how to adapt themselves in order to find a quality position. 
The next program is starting June 7 in Tel Aviv. Registration is now open and a few spots are still available. 
For more information and to apply visit us at: 

Before your Aliyah

Read & Download: 10 questions to ask your Shaliach before your Aliyah
Read & Download: Benefits for Olim
English-Hebrew Glossary: Food lists
English-Hebrew Glossary: In your kitchen
English-Hebrew Glossary: Medical terms
Read & Download: Tips for new Olim: What to bring when making Aliyah.


The Jewish Agency

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel

English Speaking Residents Association

Nefesh B'Nefesh

Tehilla - The voluntary movement for religious Aliyah


After your Aliyah:


Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim)
Downloadable forms and other information (Hebrew)
Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita)
Includes the site of the Student Authority (Hebrew and English)

National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi)
General information. Downloadable forms (Hebrew and English)
General guides to what's allowed (Hebrew and English)

Income and Property Tax
Details of what you pay and to whom (Hebrew only)

Salary Calculator -What you should be earning – or paying.
Golden Pages - Israel's version of the Yellow Pages - in English


South African - related websites
Check out this new site for Jewish South Africans:


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