PRAS Programme for Clients

Telfed’s PRAS scholarship programme reflects Telfed’s raison d’etre as a klita organisation: our volunteering programme was created to assist new olim with their klita (absorption) and integration in Israel. PRAS serves the Olim community – with a particular focus on Olim from Australian and Southern African countries*.  The concept is simple and the outcomes are inspiring. 

Student volunteers are carefully designated, according to location, client needs and student preferences. The selected students receive a scholarship from Telfed in appreciation of their contribution to the Olim community.  Students are required to complete a set number of volunteering hours for the duration of their academic year (from November to June). 

Clients may apply for assistance from student volunteers who will:

  • Offer support to new Olim as they settle in Israel, encouraging them to improve their Hebrew language skills.
  • Become a “big brother/sister”,  bearing in mind that many of our new Olim have left family and friends and are beginning a new chapter in their lives. 
  • Assist Southern African/Australian Olim with special needs.
  • Accompany and assist elderly Southern African/Australian Olim. 

PRAS students volunteer to assist in matters relating to Aliyah and klita.  This typically takes the form of being a big brother/sister to children, or a companion for elderly or special needs individuals.  PRAS students cannot take the place of tutors, babysitters, therapists, or any other professional.  

If you require the services of a tutor for school homework, a babysitter, or any other professional, please arrange this separately from the PRAS programme.


*Southern African countries: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia).

Please note: The PRAS programme will operate according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Please be aware that for the programme to succeed (both for the client and the student), we require your commitment, cooperation and flexibility. Volunteering hours may be limited, and contact with the student might be via a virtual platform. Please ensure that you have available the necessary computer hardware and software.