Embracing Olim Evacuees

Over 90 Olim families have been displaced as a result of the current conflict, unable to return to their homes in the north and south. While dealing with uncertainty and instability, Telfed has connected with evacuees, offering both emotional and financial assistance as needed.

This month, Telfed Chairman Maish Isaacson began visiting evacuees to deliver a “hug” from Telfed.

“Some of the evacuees I met over Chanukah have been in Israel for many decades. They’re fully integrated, but their connection to their South African roots remains strong, and they know that after all these years, Telfed is still here for them. As Chairman of Telfed, it is important to me to convey in person how seriously we at Telfed take their situation and that members of our community directly affected by the 7 October massacre and the war are our absolute priority. Those I met with felt loved and cared for, and I thank all the members of our community for strengthening and supporting the evacuees. In the coming weeks, I will be visiting other Olim who have been displaced,” said Maish.


To our Olim and children of Olim, for many residents in the north and south, we only have landline numbers. If you’ve been evacuated and haven’t yet spoken to one of our social workers, Ariela or Louise, please contact Ariela at [email protected].

We are proud to be a part of a community that cares, and we extend a thank you to the Knitting Grandmothers of the Sharon for the fantastic knitted blankets that were included in the packages.