Embracing SA Olim winemakers from the Western Negev

On Thurs 4 April, we had the privilege to hear the fascinating journey of South African born winemakers, Boaz and Rina Dreyer. We were inspired by their love of the land, and the story behind their award winning natural wines.  Their journey, before and after 7 October, reflects their resilience, courage and a deep love of Israel.

Together with their young children, Boaz and Rina made Aliyah during the Gulf War and settled in Kerem Shalom where Boaz was responsible for security on the kibbutz. They nurtured their dream of making the desert bloom and joined Be’er Milka as founding members. Despite a locust invasion destroying their first crops, Boaz and Rina tenaciously pursued their dream, while pioneering winemaking techniques to suit their desert vineyard.

We have been in regular contact with the Dreyers who have been personally affected by war – their children and grandchildren were evacuated from their communities along the Gaza border and Boaz and Rina lost dear friends.

On the business side, production came to a standstill as their Thai labour force fled, their production facility in Ein HaBsor was inaccessible and tourism collapsed.

It was an honour to host Boaz and Rina at a Telfed wine tasting evening, to hear their story and show our support during these challenging times.  Thank you to our gracious hosts, and to those who joined us.