Issy was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 75 years go. His parents were from Remegolla, Lithuania, and in 1937/1938 emigrated to what was Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

Issy was tremendously proud of his father’s achievements, and he always worked hard to emulate them. He studied accounting at Wits University in Johannesburg, and after qualifying returned to Bulawayo for a few years to run his family’s clothing manufacturing business.

After settling back in Johannesburg, he married Avrille Furman in 1977. Together with Avrille he raised a family of four children. He worked hard to make sure they were all educated in Jewish Schools. He taught his children to appreciate the simple things in life and be happy with what they had. Rare qualities in today’s world.

Issy was an ardent Zionist, and a great advocate for Israel. He was passionate about Torah, Judaism and community. He spent many hours working with Israel Media Watch, Likud activities and Betar Youth Movement. He was an active member of the Glenhazel Shul.

His dream was always to make Aliyah, and he and Avrille moved to Modiin in 2017. He spent his last years in Israel pursuing the furthering of Zionism, and was involved in Leon Reich’s “Think Tank” to find ways to fight antisemitism.

Issy was a special person, he was so hospitable, and his home was always open to all. He performed many acts of kindness, without anyone else’s knowledge and for no reward. He was a man of small words and large deeds.