In memory of Sharon Sack Z”L

My mom was an exceptional woman in so many ways – could socialise and talk to anyone and everyone could talk to her, she was a natural problem solver and always there for you no matter what. She gave 27 years working for the JNF and contributed to So much of the fundraising  for trees and single handedly raised enough money for a bomb shelter in Israel. She was known for her warmth, her ability to love unconditionally, be the friend and person you could call up anytime and she would be there for you in any way she could. Anyone who met her even just once remembered her years later for her kindness, warmth, compassion, empathy, being able to talk to anyone and everyone could come to her without worry of judgement. As my mom, she sacrificed so much to be an exceptional mom and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for me to give me the best life she could even when we lost my dad at 12. She was and always be my inspiration for strength, love, charity, survival and being my Phoenix- she could rise from the ashes no matter what, which showed her exceptional strength and character and see the light no matter what- she could raise anyone up from their darkest days. All of my friends remember her fondly and she was loved by more people then she knew and touched so many lives in so many ways. She lived life and treated people how she would want to be treated and to this day people describe her in a single word- “special”. To me, I was honoured and blessed to call her my mom- G-D gave me an angel to raise me and I hope I can be just an inch of the woman that she was. Such a special soul was granted to me and clearly was needed back in heaven where she will gladly be reunited with my dad and her family and finally find complete peace and happiness in a way that she granted to others. Her legacy lives on in SO many people that she touched, in the lessons I learnt, observing her treat others with respect and such kindness and had an amazing sense of humour throughout many obstacles she faced. There will never ever have been enough time with her on this earth but she was so special that I had to share her as an angel with everyone else. Her vibrancy, love, good heart, charitable acts, kindness, compassion, humour, selflessness, empathy, shoulder to cry on, warmth and beautiful smile will always be remembered in my heart along with countless incredible memories that I hope will never fade with time and be a source of comfort, guidance and strength till we are reunited again. Till then- she’s truly my angelic mom watching over me always.

Jacqui Sack