Congratulations! You have a job interview! 

I am sure you’ve researched the company thoroughly (using LinkedIn, Glassdoor, the Company website etc.), and you have written and rehearsed your answers to dozens of interview questions.  Now all you need to know is what to wear.

While the dress code in Israel’s workplace is far more relaxed than in other countries, as a rule of thumb, my advice is – always dress one up from whatever is customary. It may be alright for employees of that company to come to work in shorts and sandals, you – however – should not. You may do so once you are hired but for the interview you want to make the best impression you can.

The safest choice is formal button-down shirt and slacks for men (and a jacket if you are interviewing for a managerial position) and a blouse and slacks or a skirt for women, if you choose to wear a dress choose one with sleeves and long enough you don’t have a problem sitting down comfortably – always err on the side of conservatism rather than the opposite.


To make an informed decision, ask yourself these questions:

  1.  What kind of job am I applying for?  Is it an executive position, managerial or will I be a regular staff member?
  2.  Who is the company?  Are they an international concern, a start-up or just a small local business?
  3.  Who will be interviewing me?  Am I meeting a representative from the Human Resources department, my professional supervisor or am I meeting with senior management?
  4. Do I understand my employer’s needs?  Will I be working face-to-face with the public?
  5.  Does the company have its own dress code? Are they likely to expect workers to wear a uniform? Do they work with the religious community who expect conservative dress?

The weather will also influence your clothing choice, regardless the temperatures, you must dress professionally.


Interview dress tips for men

Interview dress tips for women

Colors to wear to your interview

Men and women:

Remember you have only one chance to make a good first impression.  You will not get a second chance to rectify your dress mistake.

Good luck!