Gili and Gadi Haimovitz

Gili and Gadi Haimovitz (middle sons of Ron and Stephanie, grandchildren of Freda and Gabi Haimovitz,  Bella and Micky (z”l) Alswang) returned from Moldova where they won the  silver and bronze medal in the Moldova Open Taekwondo 2017.

This victory gave them both tickets to compete in the Senior World Taekwondo Championships which will be taking place at the end of June in Korea – the founding country of the sport. Gili will be competing in the U-63 category and Gadi  in U-58.  Gili and Gadi  are 2 out of the 7 member Israeli team who qualify to compete.

The most amazing accomplishment is, that due to their outstanding efforts, both brothers have again made history (a reminder that in 2009 Gili was the first Israeli to win gold in European Junior Championships, and in 2010 he was the first Israeli to ever win Gold in the 1st Junior Olympic Games which were held in Singapore, and in 2016 Gadi won the bronze medal in the European Championships under 21)

Every year three major competitions are held (second in prestige to Olympics) The Taekwondo Grand Prix is held in which the 30 top sportsmen in the world are invited to compete.  This year for the  first time ever, not one of, but both of the brothers have been invited to participate in this prestigious competition.

We wish them all the  best of luck – they are bringing great pride to their family, city and country!