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Dr Tracey Farber qualified as a social worker and worked at child and family unit at TMI for 3 years. She returned to study and completed her MA in Clinical Psychology at Wits University. She worked in private practice for 23 years where she specialized in individual psychotherapy with adults and children. Trauma counselling was a special interest and she was the consultant supervisor for the Trauma Project at the Chev for 12 years. In addition she was the consultant supervisor at the CSVR ( Centre for violence and reconciliation) – an NGO that treats trauma and torture survivors from Africa. For the past four years she has worked as the consultant supervisor for King David Schools social workers and psychologists and for the Chev Holocaust survivor project – she continues to supervise from Tel Aviv on Zoom. . Tracey Completed her PhD in clinical psychology at WITS in 2019. Her research focused on trauma and resilience in child survivors who were interned at concentration camps. This research is being published in a book form by Academic Studies Press Boston USA. As a result of her research Tracey helped the Chev to establish services for Holocaust survivors. From her research she developed a model of building resilience that she teaches to mental health workers, parents, teachers and recently in the corporate world Telkom and Investec. Tracey made Aliya in October 2019 and she works as a psychotherapist at Tel Aviv University Psychological Services and she works in private practice in central Tel Aviv.

Illan Dubb is a qualified Physiotherapist with a special interest, since 1991, in Trauma debriefing, Stress Management and Functional Wellness as they relate to personal Productivity solutions.
His consulting is currently conducted online. (Trauma debriefing, Coaching)
Illan’s formal education includes a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering.
Illan worked as a volunteer trauma debriefer for the Chevra Kadisha in Johannesburg. It was during this time that Illan’s private practice as a debriefer evolved.
Training and supervision of the debriefing teams was managed by, and under the guidance of, Tracey.
Other volunteer work in which Illan’s debriefing experience, before making Aliyah, was helpful, included Mountain Search and Rescue and ZAKA Search and Rescue work.
Illan made Aliyah about 18 months ago and currently lives on kibbutz Bahan near Netanya.