Shoshanah Shear Shares Her Story About Writing ‘Healing Your Life Through Activity’

As my late grandfather’s — Professor Vincent Louis Granger (Yehuda Leib ben Yosef) — 4th Yartzheit approaches, I am excited to share with you about my book that is dedicated to his merit. The book is entitled: “Healing Your Life Through Activity — An Occupational Therapist’s Story”.

Most people I have met have no idea what occupational therapy actually is, or if they do, their perception of the profession is usually limited. It was my grandfather, who opened the door for me to a world of the importance of empowering others to succeed to the optimum no matter what their limitation.

The book was written following requests from some of my patients and their families. My patients were frustrated that they had not known about occupational therapy sooner and the many benefits it would offer them, resulting in needless time wasted —where they could have been receiving the intervention they needed and deserved. Ironically — these patients did not come to me of their own accord, neither were they referred to me. I had come across them through an indirect manner, and hearing their story, I realised that what they were in need of — was occupational therapy! As they requested, the book was written to educate the layperson, as well as medical students and professionals, in order to initiate appropriate and timeous referrals.

To write a work that would be equally useful to such a diverse population was no easy challenge. Through the four sections of the book, I hope that you, the reader will:

· understand what occupational therapy is

· value the power of meaningful activity

· appreciate the depth of knowledge that an occupational therapist has

· recognize that OTs work with people of all ages, throughout the life-cycle in various different settings

· appreciate the wonders and complexity of the progression of life from fertility to old age

· learn about the valuable contribution that my grandfather made to the disabled population in South Africa and why dedicating the book to him was so fitting on many levels

· recognize the validity of the profession

The book has letters of endorsement from Emeritus Professor Tuviah Zabow, retired head of psychiatry at Groote Schuur / Valkenberg; Norman Samuels M.D., Medical Director and retired obesity surgeon, Florida, USA; Miss Stella Mountford, Previous Head of Occupational Therapy at UCT; Darryl Schaefer, BA (Psychology) from Sydney, Australia (previously from South Africa); and Dr Gary Seymour from Jerusalem.

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This overview has been written by Shoshanah Shear, occupational therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, freelance writer, author of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story” and co-author of “Tuvia Finds His Freedom