LinkedIn Profile Template basics

LinkedIn Standards

LinkedIn profiles should differ from a job seeker’s resume/CV, especially within the About section, so that it takes a more personable tone and approach. A social media profile provides an opportunity to further promote your unique brand and value proposition. Although it doesn’t have to be new information, it’s an opportunity to present the information differently.

Since it is read on the web, take advantage of the space provided and make it easy for readers to scroll through. The following is a list of character limits for the primary sections in a LinkedIn profile:

  • Headline: 120-character limit
  • About: up to 2,600 characters. What you see before clicking “See more” – 270-320 characters on desktop and 20-25 characters on mobile
  • Experience: 2,000-character limit per position listed
  • Skills & Endorsements: 50 Skills



If you are currently employed and want to use your current title as the headline, use it as a brief branding statement that speaks to what you want to be found for or what you want to be known for. Be different or be specific, based on the personality and communication style of the profile owner. Examples of headlines include:

  • Forward-Thinking Insurance / Reinsurance Executive, General Counsel and Consultant
  • Operations Manager driving new & recurring business, cost savings, and high-quality service delivery
  • Senior IT Executive Specializing in Large-Scale Program Management & Service Delivery
  • Ready to leverage a 30-year career in finance to make a difference within a non-profit organization
  • IT Project Manager – Dedicated to finding new ways of moving initiatives forward, on budget and in time
  • “Design is the silent ambassador to your brand” Paul Rand


The About section of a LinkedIn profile provides flexibility and even a chance to be creative. As opposed to the strict point of view and writing style of resume/CV, you should write the LinkedIn About section using the first person. Position yourself as the solution, tell a story and give the reader an insight to your personality.

For a compelling About section, include an engaging and warm version of your PVP (Personal Value Proposition) as an introduction, list accomplishments (limit to 5) and a call to action. Highlight your critical skills and how they are unique. Make sure to use keywords that are relevant to your career. If your career is specific to one industry or several industries and you aim to remain in that area, list industries and industry buzzwords.

This article shared on LinkedIn offers great guidelines and examples on how to build a powerful About section.



The experience section should not look or read exactly like the job descriptions provided in your resume/CV. You can take a different approach with this, possibly streamlining some of the responsibilities or providing a company summary if the descriptive words are aligned with your career goal.

If you were forced to cut out information in the resume/CV because of spacing, you can provide brief overviews for those positions in the LinkedIn profile. As with resume/CV, however, it is not recommended to show experience that would detrimentally age you.

To maximize the Experience section, we recommend to:

  • Carefully use quantified information (careful with sensitive company numbers)
  • Link the role to the company page on LinkedIn by adding the company logo
  • Add a SEO-friendly job titles – Instead of saying «Team Leader», say «Software Engineer Team Leader – Agile & Lean Methodology»
  • Add a description and achievements to each role
  • Be prepared to make considerations for the employer’s confidentiality terms (including non-disclosure of specific financial data, intellectual property, and customers) in the experience section.


Skills & Endorsements

Suggest all relevant skills and areas of expertise per your background, keeping in mind that recruiters view the top three skills on the profile.


Additional Tips   

Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles

There are a variety of symbols you can use to enhance a LinkedIn profile. Here is a great link provided through LinkedIn: Bullet Points

LinkedIn has its own best practices and help pages.


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Senior Human Resources Executive & Thought Leader – Game-Changing Strategist & Board Advisor


I drive business restructuring, capital profitability and operational excellence as a senior HR executive and business partner with progressive leadership experience. Having served in C-level roles in both the retail and energy space for XXX Corporate and XXX, I recognize that evolution is the key to realizing sustainable growth. To successfully drive improved business performance, it is imperative to engage and motivate top talent in alignment with business objectives. I provide a full range of human resource support and leadership to develop, constantly improve, and evolve a human capital strategy that supports and facilitates the organization’s mission, vision, and business strategy. Essentially, people are my priority. I engage my passion, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to play a vital role in facilitating their success and helping to shape the organization’s future.

My success as a thought leader in the HR industry has been recognized by Human Resources Executive magazine where I was named to the influential “HR Honor Roll” based on my mastery of the HR profession. I have earned recognition from President Obama for my work in creating the Junior Military Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer and Retail Military Recruitment programs that to date have hired and trained more than 5,000 military employees for XXX.

Consistently acknowledged for my transformational approach to driving change and achieving results, I am interested in joining a professional Board in need of Human Resource guidance and innovation. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn.


Job Title, Company Name, Years

C-level role leading business initiatives and strategy, industry and market related topics, organizational structure and financial health. Built policies governing human resources, providing oversight in the areas of talent management, acquisition, employee relations, compensation, benefits, training, diversity, payroll and leadership development. Managed $300M + in various budgets.

Key Highlights

✴️ Developed several programs that have been recognized for innovation within the HR industry.

✴️ Trusted advisor to the Board of Directors; created change of control, compensation recommendations and predicative analytics for use in business decisioning.

✴️ Established a Talent Advisory Board, implemented a Leadership Institute, launched an Advancing Leader program and overhauled the corporate competency model.

✴️ Saved millions in spend allowing for reinvestment into value-added programs.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Served as “dual-hat” senior officer reporting to the Chairman, President and CEO of XXX Corporation. Managed policies governing human resources in the areas of compensation, benefits, labor relations, recruiting and leadership development for both the corporation and its subsidiary. Managed a multi-million-dollar budget, executive team of 8 and HR team of approximately 300.

✴️ Served as lead officer for labor strategies and cultural change associated with XXX Corporation’s multi-year transformation efforts.

✴️ Saved millions in benefits restructuring.

✴️ Served as lead executive for several Board committees.

✴️ Held several progressive leadership roles within the company.

Skills & Endorsement:

Strategic Planning, HR-Business Alignment, Policy Development, Organizational Structure, Leadership Development, Program Management, Talent Management, Executive Coaching





Executive Product Manager » Consumer Research, Demographics, Segmentation, CRM & GIS



As an executive with 20+ years of market research experience, I offer a record of success as a key contributor in the design, launch, and competitive growth of products that solve business problems in consumer targeting, media and market prioritization, and location analytics. My background as a marketer, product expert, and thought leader, combined with my technical acumen, has positioned me as a valuable resource in delivering and enhancing solutions.

Equally comfortable in the business and technical realms, I communicating effortlessly with executive and user stakeholders, as well as interacting with developers and analytical experts. I leverage expertise in today’s technologies spanning primary research, consumer segmentation, local market analysis, database marketing, and media targeting. Whether engaged to drive the development of new products or head the delivery of next-generation solutions, I focus on insight-driven innovation that addresses the changing needs of customers.


♦ Strategic Planning, People Management, Stakeholder Management, Product Management

♦ Thought Leadership, Product Validation, Launch & Support, Business Case Creation ♦ Data/Process Analysis, Application Design, Demographics, Geographic Information System (GIS)

♦ Marketing Statistics, Customer Relationship Management, Primary Research



Job Title, Company Name, Years

Built thought leadership function for Consumer Activation business. Created advisory board for approval of content initiatives and deployment of resources, data, analysis, and research.

Published various content pieces focused on millennial, baby boomer, and multicultural consumers; worked closely with Nielsen public relations, business media, participants, and partners.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Established data product management function covering XXX demographic, segmentation, and consumer behavior data. Led team of 10 product managers through requirements, release documentation, and sales/service support for 120+ data products.

Headed multiple key initiatives, including defining product hierarchy to set direction for product integration into larger Nielsen organization; driving development of fifth generation geodemographic segmentation system (PRIZM); and providing thought leadership on Census 2010, segmentation, consumer behavior, and marketing technology.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Re-launched software product management function following merger with National Decision Systems; drove direction for consolidation of 10+ websites into centralized web portal as well as integration of legacy development with newer, modular-oriented approaches.

Spearheaded development of innovative customer analysis, mapping, and reporting system that achieved nearly 90% participant migration in the first year, as well as design, documentation, marketing, and participant migration of fourth generation segmentation systems, including PRIZM.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Chartered industry-specific consulting practice that integrated core elements of household and geographic data, GIS mapping software, and intranet development to provide value-added solutions in CRM, market planning, and site evaluation. Managed five-person team and held accountability for end-to-end aspects, including sales management, forecasting, proposal development, contract negotiation, project management, and participant service.

Drove 15%-25% YoY revenue growth, maintained participant renewal rate, opened new markets, and secured strategic partnerships to ensure competitive position.

Skills & Endorsements:

Consumer Segmentation, New Market Entry, Product Management, Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Sales Management, Contract Negotiation




Managing Director/Portfolio Manager ► 20+ years in Trading & Global Asset / Investment Management


As an executive with 20+ years of experience in trading and asset/portfolio management, I have held a central role in the growth and profitability of large-scale portfolios for such firms as Hutchin Hill Capital, Royal Bank of Canada, and The Kessler Companies. I drive strategic and analytical aspects for ongoing success, with a proven record consistently exceeding goals and delivering high returns. I am equally adept as a leader and key contributor in devising action plans, identifying product opportunities and potential risks, and interacting with participants.


► Established fixed income component for proprietary trading operation and achieved revenue growth with returns consistently averaging 20% over 10-year period with Royal Bank of Canada.

► Instrumental in expanding The Kessler Companies from regional fixed income broker-dealer into medium-sized global fund, with AUM growth from $800M to $3B; tripled revenue.

► Led team of up to 40 sales and trading professionals with Bankers Trust Company, delivering profit and market share increases year-after-year.



Job Title, Company Name, Years

Lead team of executives through portfolio management activities for G-10 sovereign debt portfolio, as well as manage large capital allocation. Deliver consistent results in exceeding annual and monthly goals across 10 interest rate markets worldwide.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Established fixed income component for proprietary trading operation. Managed various unique fixed income portfolios as senior member of Executive Committee, in addition to individually managing highly leveraged G-10 sovereign debt portfolio. Achieved growth averaging 20% over 10-year period and held role in expanding group from 45 to 175 professionals.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Managed broad base of fixed income products with assets under management of $1.5B+. Designed fixed income strategy in partnership with high net worth participant group.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Drove portfolio growth and strategy, opened offices in New York and London, tripled revenue, and secured 200% profit increase as key player in firm’s expansion into medium-sized global fund.

Job Title, Company Name, Years

Youngest Managing Director firm-wide at time of promotion. Oversaw team of up to 40 sales and trading professionals as co-head of US Government Dealership and Money Market department. Traded multi-currency on/off balance sheet debt instruments and foreign exchange.

Skills & Endorsements:

Asset Management, Portfolio Management, Large Capital Allocation, Fixed Income, Global Markets




Cultural Consultant, Facilitator & Intercultural Trainer Specializing in Diversity Inclusion Initiatives


− because I envision a world in which diversity and a culture of inclusion are appreciated and celebrated.

− because I’m fully committed to using my deep resources as a cultural consultant and subject matter expert in order to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

− because I believe that when organizations truly understand, manage, lead, and leverage diversity and inclusion they are giving themselves a tremendous competitive advantage.

When I’m questioned about my motivations for building and managing a successful consulting practice that offers diversity workshops, multicultural team building, and international relocation training services, I would be hard pressed to provide only a single answer.

For over a decade, I have developed and delivered training initiatives to educate physicians, professionals, and students on how to recognize, accommodate, and appreciate individual differences and how these cultural differences can be bridged back to assist physicians in optimizing treatment– to help professionals maximize their business performance — and to prepare students to enter and succeed in a diverse workforce.

Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities and developing culturally competent professionals and students who understand and embrace cross-cultural communication is paramount to fostering a strong culture of inclusion and is the central focus of my career.

Understanding begins with education.

I am an educator, facilitator, and an enthusiastic advocate for embedding cultural competence strategies into healthcare quality improvement initiatives, into our workforce, and into our educational programs.

− because it’s important.



Job Title, Company Name, Years

Confidential Company provides comprehensive training initiatives to develop multi-cultural competency. By educating, promoting and encouraging an appreciation and respect for the cultural similarities and differences we enable organizations to meet the high-performance demands of an increasingly global economy.

Some of our recent successes delivering diversity and inclusion education solutions include:

**CME Educator, Cultural Competency for Confidential Hospital**

Designed and conducted an experiential workshop for thirty-five physicians Facilitated cross-cultural simulation games regarding cross cultural communication styles Conducted the lecture and discussions surrounding Cultural Competency through case studies Gave participants a framework by which to analyze, manage and communicate effectively across cultures

Skills & Endorsements:

Diversity and Inclusion Development, Training and Implementation for Healthcare Professionals, Intercultural Competency, Multi-National, Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Lingual, Healthcare Organizations, Community, Affinity & Network Groups, Continuing Medical Education (CME).


*Adapted for Israel from an article by © Randstad RiseSmart