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SASI Academic Programme

Welcome to the SASI Academic Programme!

The SASI (Southern Africans Studying in Israel) Academic Programme is an exciting new initiative run by Telfed in partnership with selected Israeli universities.  This life changing experience allows Southern African students to complete a university degree in Israel in English, with Telfed and the universities providing financial and social support that will enable students to flourish both in their studies and in their life outside of the classroom.

Applications for the 2017/18 Academic year are now closed.  Please contact Simone at for further enquiries.

How SASI Works

  • Students must turn directly to their chosen university in order to apply for university admission.  Students are encouraged to apply for all available scholarships through the university to assist with tuition fees.
  • Students fill out an online application form (link above) to apply for the SASI Housing Scholarship.  Applications are assessed on the basis of financial need, with priority going to students who are coming to Israel directly after high school to begin their tertiary studies.  Post-graduate students are also welcome to apply.
  • Students will have access to the full range of Telfed services, including social support, advice as they consider making aliyah, and assistance with understanding bureaucracy in Israel.


Overview of Study Options

  • Students will study at internationally respected universities.  Currently, Telfed is partnered with the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.  In the near future, we hope to expand the programme to Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University.  Students who wish to study at other universities may still apply for the SASI Housing scholarship.
  • Students may choose from a variety of courses and degree options.  In 2016, undergraduate SASI students have the option to enrol in a number of exciting degree programs. 
  • All courses and exams will be taken in English.  (Students who have the ability to study in Hebrew and wish to do so are still eligible for the SASI programme).
  • Hebrew language classes (ulpan) will be offered through the university.


Personal Support for SASI students

  • Telfed has a long history of supporting and caring for Southern Africans in Israel.  This support will be extended to each and every SASI student, ensuring that the new arrivals have a personal relationship with our staff from the moment they arrive. 
  • SASI students will also be connected with support options on campus to help them thrive academically and socially.


Costs of the Programme

  • Telfed aims to make SASI an affordable study option for all Southern African Jewish students.  Final costs for completing a degree through the SASI Academic Programme are comparable to the costs for students studying in South Africa.
  • Eligible students can apply for SASI Housing scholarships, potentially resulting in significant reductions in accommodation fees. 
  • Students are also eligible to receive generous financial aid from the universities and should apply directly to the university for this benefit.
  • One does not need to make Aliyah in order to participate in the SASI programme.  However, students who wish to do so after the first year of the programme will be eligible for government benefits, further lowering their overall costs.


Please contact Telfed for further information about the SASI Academic Programme. We look forward to welcoming you to your academic future in Israel!


For more details please contact Telfed, South African Zionist Federation (Israel):

Merav Fisher: or call toll free 0800-997-495 ext. 217


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